Sunday, May 30, 2010

T shirt Line on the Arrival

Setting up a T-Shirt Bussiness in the suburbs can seem tough but I feel that I will conquer it. My first plan of action is to get the t shirts manufactered and then sold to various people around town. Hopefully this works out well..These are some of the T shirt lines that I appreciate and look up too quite a bit. Can't wait until the t shirts come in!

BAPE: Classic streetwear label that was founded by Nigo-Pioneer of Street Wear Fashion

BBC: Another classic street wear label founded by Nigo and Pharell Williams


Design Concept

Monday, May 24, 2010

new poem river rain drops

Rainforest lullabies and tear drop swam into the river
And suddenly time stood still as the motion of the current took a detour
That detour became my most present moment because life was no longer predictable
It became a sudden undertaking of my most precious desire
Live life and be still and be true and be free and be everything that makes you feel
Alive like me, so just don’t worry my dear because I want you and want you to want me to.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picasso become a major force in he art world with his unveiling of the piece " Ladies of Avignon" . This piece became his ultimate breakthrough because it was the first time the art world had been introduced to cubism. Cubism became Picasso's major style and also challenged ideas on what it meant to be a modern artist in an era of conservative ideals. These ideals became Picasso's driving force of challenging opposition. It was in his favor to challenge the bourgeoisie because they were in fact the ones that loved the piece so much that he became an instant celebrity. Picasso not only became a major force in the art world but also became a representation of the modern times. It was during this era that the world was moving at a rapid pace due to industrialization and World War 1. The excitement that carried through world was prevalent in many countries considering inventions that spawned, which nonetheless brought a new engagement and excitement to the culture of art and music

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chris Offili Write Up

Chris Offilis work stems on the idea of whether an individual can begin to appreciate artwork that has been crafted over time and time and time again. These can be seen with much of his work that shows an interesting consideration of working a surface with the sensibility of a workman rather than a painter. This type of direction has given Chris offili much of his claim to fame thus honoring him with a turner prize and meteoric fame. One of the most interesting aspects of his work is the incorporation of cow dung which you can see in many of his early works which he uses as supports for his paintings as well as adorned decoration. This decoration has its benefits because it creates a visual that is exciting and unpredictable. Furthermore the cow dung is a representation of his native country Nigeria which he spent some time in during a stay where he was introduced to the traditions and culture of their living. This stay inspired him greatly and shows a direct linkage between western and eastern culture. Appropriately decided, it can also be seen as a combination of aesthetic values. For some the inclusion of the cow dung is repulsive but for others such as myself I think it is an a brilliant decision on his behalf. Not so much these days do we see such striking unpredictability crafted in a manner that still pays a great homage to the modern masters such as Picasso and Modigliani.

Bob Thomspon

When I first laid eyes on this painting I was in shock at how overwhelmingly large it was and how the surface gravitated towards the viewer. As well as the size of the painting, the overall energy of the painting was groundbreaking. It is painted with a keen sensibility of brush stroke and color with an addition of fine details where most needed. Thompson being a pioneer of the New York School of Art made this painting with an understanding of under layers and the breath of a painting. The forms are exquisite with a vibrant interaction. There seems to be several different themes occurring in this painting. In particular I notice an angel of some sort holding a wooden stick with her arms raised sideways. Someday I hope to see all of Bob Thompson's paintings, as well as develop the sensibility and craft of an artist such as him.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting Inspiration

I remember learning about Botticelli in my Highschool art class, and I wasn't too impressed, but recently I have been really intrigued by renaissance art and the form making in the compositions. The compositions are always intriguing and vibrant. In this paticular composition you can see several women converging together, with elongated bodies. The bodies are really neat and proportioned perfectly.

Monday, May 17, 2010

MARLA campaign

Michael Jackson/ Marilyn Monroe

I found this interesting image on the ARTNEWS website and immediately took it up for grabs. I forget the name of the artist that created it, but I felt he made a great re consideration of the andy warhol series.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me with new painting

Jackson Pollock was a painter that became a major force within the abstract expressionist movement, in which he helped cultivate a new genre of painting entitled "drip painting". Drip Painting is classified as, taking tiny drips of paint and gently spreading them across the canvas in a gesturely manner where it begins to build up a texturized kaleidascope of drips. Pollock cultivated this technique by creating works on the floor which was introduced to him by Native American painters. This technique intrigued him so much that he made it apart of his mandatory painting ritual. In this paticular painting, there are very gestured strokes of color and drips that create a misty effect, hence the title of the painting "Lavender Mist". Jackson Pollock unfortunately died at age 50 due to a drunk driving accident.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chris Offili "Regal" review

The 1st painting entitled "Regal" is a great unification of two bodily units, the hair and the face, both of these elements unify together creating a dynamic force of composition and skill. Chris Offili is a master of this, and uses it frequently to create compositions such as these. I commend him on his usage of extreme opposites in form tht create a stark contrast between big and small. These contradictory units collide together always creating paintings that shift between pleasurable and raw. These two dynamics are always occuring at a rapid rate that are hard to mistake or miss out on. Chris nonetheless is one of the most skillful painters in the world, never letting down his viewers.

New Painting

Damn, Amy Winehouse used to be beautiful back in the day. Her music speaks volumes especially her slower ballads which I trully adore. I cant seem to understand how someone goes rock bottom as quickly and drastically as her. O well, cool picture nonetheless. If you want to hear a good song by Amy, check out Wake Up Alone

New Painting, Inspired by Spirits and great music