Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clothing Line MARLA

This is my clothing line that I created during my stay at VCU. It was a really fun venture that took a year to complete. The logo is comprised of simple geometric shapes that make up the female form. It was inspired by egyptian female statues because the forms really took my breath away with how intricate and precise the proportions were. In consideration of the porportions of my design, which I entitled "MARLA", her legs are intentionally shorter than they should be which I think accentuates her "behind" area quite well. Altogether I am really excited about this design and I hope it does well in the market.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Adventures Of Henry Darger

When I look at the work of Henry Darger, I am struck with a prelude of life and abundance. I also get the feeling of destiny and hope. The imagery that he uses which includes, dragons, children,fairies, and landscapes, feels strong yet vulnerable, intriguing yet also in many ways quite mysterious. The visual narratives presents a question regarding what reality Darger cared to recognize or make sense of. Is this reality one that only exists in his imagination, or does it exist in a far away land? The coexisting of the various realities in Darger's work brings forward a colorful and mysterious dialogue that beckons to be investigated. In an attempt to investigate the underlying themes and literal messages in his work I was struck by the spontaneity of nature. Flowers, meadows, streams and all sorts of harmonies of nature flow through each of his images. He creates nature with a beautiful spirit, and a lovely flowing of elegance. The energy that is felt within his settings is reminiscent of the passionate consideration that Van Gough felt for nature. Translated through his imagery is a love for story- telling. The story is usually told through triumphant battles or a reunion of comrades. There seems to be an undertone of play, and joy in his story telling. It could possibly indicate Darger's on longing for play and excitement. The colors are vibrant and shout in the same voice as Japanese printmaking. When I think about Darger living in his cramped, cold, sullen, studio in Chicago, I can't help but to wonder what compelled his longing for these colors. All together, Henry Darger's work speaks of optimism, joy, and an escape from reality.